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Temple Run Mod APK

Temple Run

The Classic Endless Running Game Now Get Unlimited Coins & Gems.

1.9.5 for Android Imangi Studios
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The biggest hit of Image studios, Temple Run is a game which needs no introduction. But for the advantage of the few Android users who have still not laid their hands on this game, here is an insight into the world of this game. Temple Run Mod APK is an endless running game wherein you need to use your skills to keep running through the never-ending game arena to outrun the monsters behind you. As you keep running, you need to avoid obstacles, collect gold and so on. All of this will help you run for a longer period of time and help you develop a whole new high score.

Although most of you would have definitely indulged in the addictive gameplay of Temple Run if some of you still haven’t, keep reading and you’ll get the reasons to do so.

An Ancient Temple And A Cursed Idol

The basic storyline of the Temple Run Mod Game is quite simple. It is based in some African jungle where there is a temple which you ventured into. You decided to be a little too smart and went ahead and stole the cursed idol from the temple. Thanks to your little adventure, you now have demon monkeys behind you, who will stop at nothing till they catch you and eat you up for the crime you committed.

Unlimited Access in The Mod Version

Before divulging any other details of the game, it’s important to note that since this is the Temple Run Mod APK you will not have any restrictions on the money or lives in the game. You have unlimited access to coins and lives, so don’t worry if you falter and lose out, you can always revive yourself without having to start from scratch.

Addictive Gameplay

The controls of the game are quite simple so to say. You simply have to tilt your phone from one side to the other to change the direction of your runner. You tilt it to the left to make him move left and right to make him move right. However, when you face obstacles you need to either swipe your finger upwards to make your player jump or swipe it downwards to make him roll from under.

Another point you must keep in mind is that when you come across a corner or a dead end you need to slide your finger on the screen, in the direction in which you want your character to turn. The controls are fairly easy but need a lot of multi-tasking and attentiveness.

Mind-blowing Archaic Graphics

An ‘Indiana Jones’ fell is what you get while playing in the Temple Run Mod App. The graphics are quite good and have 3D models, temples, and textures. Rivers, forests, hills, and other naturistic elements give it a nice sophisticated feel with the ancient aura. The soundtrack is also quite inviting and adds to the whole exotic vibe of the scenario.

Number of Characters You Can Unlock

The Temple Run game initially starts off with one standard character who you have to play with. But as you keep succeeding in the game and earning more points and coins you can go ahead and unlock many more characters as well. All of them have some special ability and a different overall look and feel. You can choose from a number of them and play with the one you like best.

Different Rewards You Can Earn

As you run across the various environments, you not only collect coins but also come across different special power-ups. You can collect these to gain some special abilities for a certain period of time. For example, you can make use of the coin magnet to automatically attract coins to you without having to pick them up. You can even earn the extra life to start from where you stopped if you are eaten up by the monkey. All these power-ups will keep coming across your way and you must be vigilant and look out for them.

Set Your High Score And Challenge Others

Each time you play the Temple Run Mod Free Game, you will earn a certain number of points depending on far you ran before your life ended. This means that each time you run the farthest you will set a new high score. You can challenge your friends to beat your high score to see who can run the farthest without losing. If not your friends, you yourself will keep coming back and want to play the game again and again to set a new high score for yourself.

Name: Temple Run Mod APK
Developer: Imangi Studios
App Version: v1.9.5
App Size: 42.7 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: Android > Mod > Games > Endless Runner Games
License Type: Free
Modded Features: Unlimited Money, Gems, And Keys

Whether you’re an addicted mobile gamer or just a random player who likes to play games every now and then, this one is perfect for you. Download Temple Run Mod APK Free For Android devices to embark on the most interesting journey across ancient ruins and magical creatures in an attempt to be the winner.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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