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Soul Knight Mod APK

Soul Knight

An Action-Packed Shooting Game With Everything Unlimited!

2.0.1 for Android ChillyRoom
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One of the most unique and interesting games today, Soul Knight Mod APK is a combination of RPG and shooter style games and has a whole different aura to it. Unlike any game you’ve seen before, this has some eerie and mysterious elements with dungeons, castles, and caves.

Darkness all around and with you as a hero, the game requires you to shoot down your enemy which essentially consists of some alien minions. Released by ChillyRoom, it is without doubt one of the best shooter games on Play Store which gives you the chance to practice your shooting skills and explore a dark world.

An Interesting And Ancient Storyline

The whole game in Soul Knight Mod APK is set in an old and ancient world where aliens have stolen the magical stone which maintains the balance of the world. Your job is to fight against these high-tech advanced aliens so as to retrieve the stone and once again restore order to Earth.

There are a number of dungeons in the form of a maze which you must enter to find all the enemies and shoot them down. The whole game scenario is quite randomly generated and as you keep moving between the maze, you will have to defend yourself from the incoming attacks of the aliens.

Play The Game As You Want With Unlimited Access To Everything

There are no restrictions or limitations on anything in the Soul Knight Mod Game. Since this one is a mod app, you will have unlimited access to coins and unlimited lives for all your heroes. So you don’t have to worry anymore about losing a life and having to start over. Keep playing for as long as you want with as many jade and money as you want.

Create An Invincible Team of Heroes

You will have the chance to use your own team of heroes and exploit all their special abilities in the Soul Knight Mod App. All the heroes have their own special abilities like being able to avoid bullets, using different weapons, a special stealth mode and so on. Each hero has his strengths as well as weaknesses and you should try your best to use them wisely.

Each time you lose you can revive your hero by watching an advertisement in the game or even spending 200 jade. If you don’t wish to do either of that, they simply restart your game from the beginning. There are a number of mercenaries available for use in the Soul Knight Mod for Android wherein you can use the money to hire up to 3 of them who will help you fight your wars and work much faster.

An Arsenal Of The Best Weapons

There are more than 120 weapons in the game which you can use depending on the enemy you are fighting. You can use guns, laser, blades, blows and so on. Each weapon requires a different amount of mana (soul) when used. Mana can be checked out in the blue bar on the screen. Certain weapons are more powerful but use more mana whereas others are not as powerful but can last longer by using less mana. Choose your weapon wisely!

Mind-blowing Graphics Which Will Amaze You

The graphics in Soul Knight Mod Free game are one of a kind. They are in 2D and pixelated, taking you back to the world of video games you must have played some 30 years ago. The movements of characters are smooth and the good sound effects give an added touch of fun while playing the game. The whole graphical platform is quite simple and is sure to satisfy the video gamer in you.

Using Different Gems And Gold

The way you purchase new characters in the game, you can even purchase a cute little pet for yourself which will help you fight in the battles against your enemies. The pet can be a cat or anything else you like. All these purchases you make can be done using gems and the gold you have can be used for purchasing soldiers or other support for your battles. If you choose to play a minigame available in the game’s lobby, you even stand a chance to win some special weapons with a different superpower.

Name: Soul Knight Mod APK
Developer: ChillyRoom
App Version: v2.0.1
App Size: 60 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: Android > Mod > Games > Action
License Type: Free
Modded Features: Unlimited Gems And Characters Unlocked

While concluding, it is important to note that the above description only talks about all the great advantages and features of this game. The reason is that this game has only advantages and since you’re downloading the mod version, you will never have to worry about losing. Download Soul Knight Mod APK Free for Android devices and set out on your own journey in the dark world as you defeat evil and set out to save the planet.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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