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Hungry Shark World Mod APK

Hungry Shark World

The No. 1 Aquatic Simulation Game With Unlimited Sharks And Money.

3.1.4 for Android Ubisoft Entertainment
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There is no end to entertainment when you start playing the Hungry Shark World Mod APK. An extremely interesting game released by Ubisoft Entertainment, it has more than 1 million downloads and has all the players stuck to their phones in an attempt to be the baddest and hungriest shark around.

Your simple job is to ensure you eat up everyone around you and make sure you never go hungry since you yourself are the ‘hungry shark.’ A game filled with terror and excitement, this also has some fun and interesting elements to it. You need to control your shark as you move across seas and oceans and eat up everything that comes in your way.

Explore The Great Vast Oceans

In Hungry Shark World Mod APK for Android, you will not be limited to just one random stretch of sea, rather you get to explore every sea and ocean in the world. From the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to the lush Arctic Ocean and from the exotic Atlantic Ocean to the surreal Indian Ocean, you can travel wherever you want and explore whichever ocean you wish to. You can even go swimming in the seas like the Arabian Sea and the South China Sea.

Your Shark is Always Hungry

That is the basic story on which the entire game works, your shark is always and forever hungry. So you need to make sure you keep him well fed to ensure he doesn’t go crazy. He has the sharpest and scariest teeth which can chew up anything from the tiniest fish to big whales. As you swim around you need to be on the lookout for all the prey you can catch. But at the same time you also need to be smart about what you eat because if you swallow some poisonous of harmful fish, they might just kill you.

Also important is the fact that while you are hungry and looking for prey to catch, there are other predators who are also hungry and might want to make you their prey. So tread with caution before you become someone’s meal.

Unlimited Access To Money

You need not to worry about running out of money in the game as this version is the Hungry Shark Mod APK. That means that there is unlimited money available for you to use so that your gameplay is never paused or hindered. So keep swimming and keep eating to your heart’s content, no restrictions to worry about.

Simple And Easy To Use Controls

The gameplay is quite simple and you simply need to use one finger to control the sharks swimming. You can eat anything from small or big fish to even tourists swimming in the water. There is nothing out of reach for you. The newest version of the Hungry Shark World Mod has even introduced a feature wherein you simply need to tilt your phone sideways to control your shark, making it even simpler than before.

As you come swimming to the coasts or beaches where there might be tourists lounging in the sun, you can jump out of the water and go attack tourists on the beach as well. But you need to be careful and get back into the water fast because if you spend too much time out of the water, you will run out of oxygen.

Mind-blowing Graphics

The whole environment in the game is so beautiful and luscious blue that it is almost a treat to the eyes. Moreover, the 3D graphics ensure that the whole game looks very realistic and it’s almost like the sharks and fish and the whole underwater world has come alive. The beautiful shoals of fish, coral reefs and even the occasional tourists combined with the ferocious sharks and large whales give a whole new feel to the game.
Different sharks and different missions

Not only are there 20 different species of sharks you can choose from, but you can even choose them from 7 different size tiers. The rarest and ferocious shark in the Hungry Shark World Mod Free game is the ‘Great White.’ Everyone wants to unlock this shark and make use of it. You can even arm your sharks with things like rockets which will make them fly apart from giving them headphones or a cute umbrella.

The missions are as many as 20 different ones along with challenges for setting high scores and fighting with the big bad bosses. Make sure you score the highest and defeat all other players around. To get a quick insight, go through the Hungry Shark World Mod APK Data below.

Name: Hungry Shark World Mod APK
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
App Version: v3.1.4
App Size: 115.3 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.2 & Higher
Last Updated  06th Feb. 2019
Category: Android > Mod > Games > Action
License Type: Free
Modded Features: Unlimited Money And Gems.

All in all the game is unique, interesting, exciting, fun and a great experience when you just feel like causing some destruction and a big massacre. Download Hungry Shark APK Free For Android devices to set out on a thrilling adventure with your hungry shark and aim to be the baddest shark in the whole wide ocean.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.

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