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Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK

Dead Trigger 2

An Insane Survival Battle Against Death With Inexhaustible Weapons!

1.5.3 for Android MADFINGER Games
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For all Android users who love gaming and especially when it comes to fighting against the undead, Dead Trigger 2 Mod is here. The perfect game which has a well defined and executed zombie apocalypse requires you to fight against them all in a bid to survive. If you want to be the last man standing, you need to do all you can in order to save yourselves from the zombies.

This one is the second installment in this zombie series game which was released by Madfinger Games and has more than 2 million downloads. Both the games have the same storyline and basically the same gameplay but this version is a better one. It has been upgraded to bring in some new changes and features which make it more addictive than its predecessor.

Unleash of The Zombies

There is a lethal virus which has spread through the world, infecting all who came in its path. The people who have been infected have turned into zombies and are basically the walking dead. The survivors, on the other hand, have to do all they can in order to survive. They need to fight against the zombies, they need to defend themselves and they need to protect themselves from the apocalypse.

Unlimited Amount of Ammunition

The best part about the Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK is that since this is a mod version, we have no restrictions on the ammunition we get to use on the game. There is the unlimited amount available so you never have to worry about running out of ammo required to protect yourself. Keep firing away and ensure you kill the enemy before it kills you.

Different modes You Can Participate In

There is a story mode which will take you and your comrades on a journey across the world. Apart from that, there is a sniper mode too which you can take part in. This mode requires you to act as a sniper and kill all the zombies who are targeting people trying to get to safety. The innocent survivors move in huge groups while going from one place to another and the zombies often attack them. You need to keep the people safe and shoot down all the zombies in the area. Be careful while firing, the zombies are quite fast and tactful.

Fast And Thrilling Gameplay

The gameplay in Dead Trigger 2 Mod Game is quite fast-paced and offers a considerable amount of freedom to the player. There is a really large area where you can move around as opposed to a lot of shooter games which only let you move along a fixed path. You can move across the environments as you want and either shoot at the zombies or even hit them with grenades.

A Large Number of Different Zombies

Apart from the conventional zombies you see moving around, there are also certain boss zombies in the Dead Trigger 2 Mod App. These ones are much more powerful and each has certain special powers. A few of them are ones like Rampager who has a huge and flexible body when it comes to movement, another is Vomitron who can vomit out chemicals. Then there is Panzer whose skin is like the surface of a tank and can withstand a lot of ammunition. Kamikaze has a massive box of ammunition he can use to destroy whole cities. All these zombies are quite difficult to defeat and you need to be smart about your moves.

High-quality Graphics

The graphics in a game like this are bound to be impressive and they most definitely are. They are of the highest 3D quality and the images are all crisp and well defined. The environments including bloodthirsty zombies are quite well designed and bring the whole game to life. There is an Ultra High Graphics mode which you can use to really feel the game as the fire, smoke and dust effects can all be felt on the screen.

Overall, the game is a great one with very interesting gameplay, some amazing graphics, and even good quality sound effects. It may come across as just another first-person shooter game, but the whole setting of a zombie apocalypse really adds a certain interesting element to it. Take a look at the table below to acquaint yourself with Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK Data.

Name: Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK
Developer: MADFINGER Games
App Version: v1.5.3
App Size: 25.5 MB + 913 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Last Updated  24th Dec. 2018
Category: Android > Mod > Games > Action
License Type: Free
Modded Features: Unlimited Ammunition, Coins, And Gems

Download Dead Trigger 2 APK Free For Android devices to embark on the most exciting as well as a gruesome journey as you travel across the world and set out on missions to save it from the crazy zombies.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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