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Clash of Clans Mod APK

Clash of Clans

A Unique Battle Strategy Game With Unlimited Resources.

11.185.15 for Android Supercell
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Join the largest multiplayer community online and engage in barbaric battles in a medieval era. Clash of Clans Mod APK makes you play a game requiring a high level of strategy and tactics as you build your own clan and aim to destroy that of the enemies. The game has been developed by the Finnish company, Supercell and has as many as 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Those numbers speak for themselves and tell you how amazing the game is and how it has attracted the largest audience ever. Here you will read the reasons why it is so and how it has come up to be the best strategy game of its time.

Make Your Own Clan

As you start playing the game, you need to build up your whole village and warehouses and defend it. You will be given a certain number of resources you can use to build it up and then you can start recruiting soldiers to form your team. While you are building your village, you even need to secure it against enemy attacks by making high walls, using cannons, mortars, bombs, and traps. This is important as you have to be prepared for any enemy attacks on your camp by other clans or scary monsters. You can use your citizens to work for further building up your village and securing it from enemy attacks by using the resources at hand.

The troops you recruit can be anything from normal soldiers like swordsmen and warriors to magicians, sorcerers, and even dragons. You can use archers and giants as well and train them all to form a strong team in the Clash of Clans Mod Game. Apart from being trained, you can keep upgrading them from time to time to ensure that they stay ahead of their game.

No Limit On Money in The Game

The best part about the Clash of Clans Mod APK is that there is access to an unlimited amount of money in the game. So you need not to worry about running short of money for buying any resources or upgrading your village and soldiers. Keep playing to your heart’s content and keep fighting!

Defend Yourself And Go To Wars

As you defend your own camp against the enemies, you can go ahead and raid their camps as well. You can go engage in barbaric battles in order to achieve victory and end the enemy clans. Not only using your troops to fight with the enemy, but you can also even use different spells to gain power over them.

However, as you go to war with them, you need to use certain tactic and strategy and plan out your attack before you strike. COC Mod is not a game that can be won if you have more money or possess a large number of gems, you need to be smart about your gameplay and inflict damage to the enemy camps strategically.

Join Up With Friends And Other Players

You can choose to join other clans or guilds as well in the Clash of Clans Mod App which will further give you strength when you need to fight a war. You can play with your friends in a single team against the enemy. The guild or team you join will thus send help if you are attacked which is useful in case of a large attack when you have a lack of soldiers. You can request them for troops whenever you want for fighting your personal battles and both the clans can even go ahead and fight against an enemy clan together.

Mind-blowing Graphics And Sound Effects

When it comes to the graphics, COC Mod APK has some pretty amazing 3D graphics which are sure to have you interested. Playing the game is a treat to the eyes as the graphics are very sharp and eye-catching and along with it the vibrant and bright colors in the game make it favorite of all.

Even the sound effects are quite realistic and the symphony music gives you a feel of actually being in the game itself. The explosions of land mines during battles are also huge and loud which give it a thrilling battle effect altogether. Given here is the table which gives you required Clash of Clans Mod Data.

Name: Clash of Clans Mod APK
Developer: Supercell
App Version: v11.185.19
App Size: 158 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Last Updated  26th Feb. 2019
Category: Android > Mod > Games > Strategy
License Type: Free
Modded Features: Unlimited Troops, Coins, Gold, Elixir, And Gems

There are a number of updates which keep coming regularly in the Clash of Clans Mod APK + OBB which will ensure that the fighting system in the game is always improving and better than the next one. If you’re a player who is looking for a fighting game with a fair amount of strategizing and tactic, instead of just mindlessly firing bullets all around, then this is the one for you.

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK Free For Android devices to involve yourself in a game where you have the freedom to build your village, choose your clan, practice your battle strategy and engage in the biggest and deadliest battle around.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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